Covid Response 2021

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At the times of crisis, of fear, uncertainty and pessimism, there is little we all can do. During this global pandemic, the world faced severe humanitarian crisis and our country was no exception. This dark times demanded us to step forward and do whatever we could to help our fellow humans.

As the second wave of the virus prevailed, going out to help people might come with some risks, therefore, we made maximum utilisation of technology. On noticing the lack of COVID help facilities, we took it upon ourselves to avail any kind of COVID related help to those in need in all the eight states of North East India. We launched a portal for COVID response and maintained an updated list of all the necessary contact numbers relating to COVID help. The help portal consists of services like oxygen, contact numbers of doctors and ambulances, RT-PCR test facilities, mental health helplines, medicines, logistics service, etc. One just needs to enter the portal to get access to more than thousand verified numbers of the COVID essential services, depending on their state and city/town. We recorded 50k+ footfalls in the helpline portal as of August'21.

The collected database is based on all authentic sources and our aim is to put up all the information in one common platform to bridge the gap between service provider and beneficiaries. This initiative was initiated in view of lack of resource availability in NE India and the increasing threats that might follow.

Shops had shut down and everyone was confined to their places of residence. It was difficult to have a proper supply of groceries, medicines and other errands, specially the patients and their quarantined family. Items worth ₹6.73 lakhs were delivered by 8 delivery boys to around 1000 covid patients with ₹35k worth delivery charges waived off for Covid patients in partnership with logistic service provider Drutoo.

In view of the large scale of vaccination we organized a blood donation drive called “Blood Before Vaccination” where we urged people of Barak Valley to donate blood before they get their vaccination shots as one couldn't donate blood for 28 days after vaccination at that time. We also partnered with other organizations to provide extended service to the people. We partnered with 'ASRA' to provide free oxygen concentrator serice to Covid patients in Barak Valley and with Bangalore based mental health awareness organisation 'Let's Talk' to provide Mental Health support helplines pan India. All the patients need to do is go to our Covid portal or call our helpline number to avail the services.

When it was difficult for many families to meet their ends need, the fellow people came forward for the help of their neighbours, friends and acquaintances in need. We tried to act as a bridge for those in sufficiency and those in  inadequacy. 100+ marginalised families received ration kits/sanitation kits/pre-loved clothes. With drives where people could donate their blood before being vaccinated and plasma once they recover from covid, 50+ plasma/blood donors were connected. It was huge relief for those in need of it.

Not only us the humans but our animal friends also suffered during the pandemic. With restaurants and eateries downing shutters and food trucks parked at homes, strays had struggled to find food to kill their hunger. They had nothing to eat, not even leftovers that they always relied on. We fed 20+ dogs for more than a week during lockdown hours, backed by local animal welfare organisation Wild & Free.

It is our belief that for the sustainability of this planet, we all should come forward and we are proud to say that the way people were helping their fellow mates was really heartwarming. It might have been a humanitarian crisis but our humanity can fuel the process of recovery to accelerate.

We believe that ''when you help others, you release oxytocin in your body. It is the same chemical released when you fall in love with someone.''